Rake City Baseball...

is a national baseball organization, dedicated to fulfilling the development, exposure, and training needs of the elite baseball player. Led by former professional baseball players, Rake City promotes an in-depth learning of the fundamentals of baseball. Rake City's year-round education, instruction, and participation in premier events, leads to the fulfillment of a player’s potential, allowing their skill to take them to the highest possible level.

Rake City coaches encourage the fundamental understand of game strategy, as well as what is necessary from a physical standpoint to succeed in baseball. Facilitating the physical and mental growth of our players is imperative to their success on the diamond.

To ensure our players are ready to succeed at the next level, Rake City emphasizes a commitment to academics and self-wellness. Our program is structured for our players to understand the importance of, and help build, their self-esteem and confidence, but doing so in a manner which does not lose focus on the concept of the team. We believe members of a team are to function together as one unit, consistently lifting each other up, obtaining the highest level of collective success that is possible.  A team-first mentality is incorporated into every aspect of our organization, as we build, develop and refine the individual player.


Our Goals


To provide our players the opportunity to maximize their skill and ability.

To help each individual grow to become the best young man he can be.

To give our players the emotional and mental skills necessary to compete in life.


Commitment to Rake City means committing to a structured training program, both in-season (June-August) and in the offseason (November-March). Baseball skills are also emphasized year-round to maintain the competitive edge necessary to success in baseball, an edge that can only be obtained through consistent practice. Rake City supports a player’s commitment with the latest training aids and equipment in baseball.

Our facility is staffed and equipped to provide professional training and instruction that is required to teach and develop the talent of every committed Rake City player, so they may become the best player they can be. In turn, each player will have the opportunity to showcase their talent, skill and hard work by playing against the very best competition throughout the country, in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

Every athlete who plays for Rake City and commits to our philosophy will not only achieve all of which he is capable of on the field, but also the intrinsic skills necessary to ensure his success throughout life. We are not just simply preparing our players to compete athletically in high school, collegiate, and professional baseball. We believe that when our young men combine talent, knowledge, discipline, work ethic and mental toughness, nothing in life is beyond their reach and the Next Level is always around the corner.