Led by Dan Brewer, Rake City offers a developmental youth program, designed to teach players, dedication, a team-first mentality, how to work hard and compete day-in and day-out. With an emphasis weight room knowledge and understanding the mechanics of pitching, fielding, hitting and catching, the youth program is where we first teach the Rake City way to approaching baseball and creating a foundation for success through life, with our GRIND 4 MINE motto. The players in our youth program will receive instruction from staff members who have played baseball collegiately and/or professionally.

Fall Ball

Our Fall Ball program starts the development and competition process for each age group. Fall Ball begins during the first weekend of September and runs every Saturday and Sunday morning through the last weekend in October. The eight-week creates 16 sessions for our players to build a foundation for success.

Saturdays serve as a developmental day with a focus on fundamentals, with games held on Sundays. The format is structured to create a controllable game environment, where teaching can take place. 

We encourage all players to join us in the fall, especially new players to the organization, because players must EARN their spots in this organization. The players have eight weeks to show our coaching staff what type of player they are and which team they want to be on.

Fall is an extra expense and not included in the overall cost of the season.

Speed and Agility Classes

Offered to all youth player, speed and agility classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday night, starting on the first Tuesday in September, running through March.

The classes are an hour-long and focus on building core strength, running form, establishing an explosive first step, and acceleration and deceleration, all to enhance athleticism and understanding the boundaries a player can push himself to. 

Core strength focuses on body weight training, jump training and sled training, to properly build strength throughout the body. Later in the program weights are added, not heavy but controlled, to build strength and power.  

The speed and agility classes are not included in the cost of a player playing for Rake City and are due monthly.


Group 1

Tues: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Thur: 6:00pm-7:00pm

Group 2

Tues: 7:00pm-8:00pm
Thur: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Group 3

Tues: 8:00pm-9:00pm
Thur: 8:00pm-9:00pm


Youth Strength and Agility

Winter Training

Rake City’s youth winter training will be once a week, either Saturday or Sunday. The winter training is included in the cost and is for every age level, for 90 minutes, November through March. Winter training is another chance for each player to showcase their skills to the coaching staff before teams are selected in March.  

Our priority in the winter is breaking down a player’s swing and instructing the necessary adjustments to maximize their skill. We slow down the process of hitting for the youth, to make sure they understand what is going on in their swing, why certain things are happening, and how to adjust. We use tee-work and mirror swings, so players can start to feel and see what is really going on. Later in the winter we focus on the mental side of hitting, approach and situational hitting.

In March, we try to rent out the Rosemont Dome to allow the players to work out with their selected teams. At the dome, instruction centers on defense. Infielders get mass ground balls, outfielders work on route-running, communication and how to play the fence. We also work on team defense and hold intra-squad games, if possible.  

Team Selections and Spring Seasons

Each team will play a competitive schedule in line with the team’s level of play. This will allow each player to develop as much as possible throughout the season at a pace that maximizes their potential.  A player’s placement is made for a certain reason, whether it is because of the level of play or for the player to get more reps at a certain position. Each player will be assigned to a team as the staff sees fit.