Welcome to Rake City

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After five years of success, a period where it did not take long to be itself as one of the Midwest’s premier travel baseball organization, Team DeMarini Illinois is stepping forward under the name of Rake City.

Team DeMarini Illinois founder Jared Koutnik will continue to lead the Chicagoland program, and continue its mission of developing elite baseball players and great men, serving as the training ground for top baseball players to take their game to the next level through a program that prepares all to be successful in life. Dan Brewer resumes his role as president of operations, in addition to leading Rake City’s youth program. Pete Flores, Ryan Crowley and Ryne White round out the Rake City staff, giving the organization an unrivaled team of knowledgeable coaches, individuals who are passionate of the game of baseball, and leaders who have the traits to bring the full potential out of a player, on and off the field.

Though based in Illinois, Rake City will remain a national exposure organization. Rake City will go toe-to-toe with the best teams in the country, participating in the most elite national tournaments in travel baseball. Rake City coaches will remain reliant on their national network of coaches and scouts to ensure their players find the right fit, athletically and personally, where the game of baseball takes them.

While the level of play will not change, nor will Rake City’s ability to advance players to the next level form coast to coast, it is time for the players to create a new reputation, a new identity and make sure there is no doubt everyone in the country knows who Rake City is.

Kelly Rauch